A/V Services

It all starts with custom on-hold listening and branded overhead music, and expands with graphic design, digital & social media, and even curated video production. Let us help you find Your Brand Voice!

Audio / Visual Media Experts

PAN Digital Media has been around for over 50 years, and has worked with well-known brands to create dependable and proven strategies to help businesses improve their sales and online presence. PAN Digital Media helps improve your customer’s phone and in-store experience by appealing to their Sound (Professional Voice over and Audio Services) and sight (Digital Media) senses.
All voice-overs are not created equal. We offer a wide selection of talented VO artists, with the experience to deliver “mic drop” worthy reads. Together with the perfect read, our audio producers can mix and edit, find perfectly matched music, and add effects and processing for a finished audio track that stands out.

Sales On-Hold

Keep callers updated with seasonal content, current special offers and any changes or new developments with your company. Capture an audience and sell your products while they’re on-hold. PAN Digital Media offers Sales On Hold message options that will reduce hang-ups or frustrated callers. Give a good first impression with a professionally produced Sales On Hold message from PAN Digital Media.

Ready To Take Your Business To the Next Level?

Create a “radio station” for your lobby or store, with your custom brand. Many channels of music to choose from, and custom branding between the songs with your messaging, seasonal messaging and music, your remote control to make changes, and much more makes it like your own custom radio station for any overhead music needs.

Voice Overs

Whether you’re producing your own projects, or use our services, we have the perfect voice over artists to target specific audiences. Give your video or podcast a finishing touch to turn it into a success. Our VO artists are experienced and have the ability to apply direction, so they deliver your video message in the most effective way.

The PAN Digital Media Talent Pool offers you a variety of experienced, professional Voice-Over Artist to choose from. Listen to the Collection of Talent to identify the “voice of your brand” today. The possibilities are endless!

Professional Video Production

Video is everywhere. From waiting room screens, traditional TV commercials, social media, corporate presentations, etc. Most consumers decide if they’re interested in something within 10 seconds of seeing a video in advertising, leaving very little time for anything but the best. PAN Video creators have the skills necessary to turn your video dreams into reality with high-quality videos made with rich content that captivates your target audience.

PAN Video offers green screen services in our studio, as well as on-location shooting. Editing and delivery of the completed video is fast and affordable with PAN Video.

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